Transgender Surgery Colorado CO

Transgender Surgery Colorado

It’s an important decision to make to go ahead with transgender surgery, whether they are male to female or female to male this step is life changing.

For a person to undergo gender reassignment surgery there is long process that they have to go through before they actually have a sex change operation.

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Transgender Body Contour Surgery Involves Intensive Therapy.

Patients will have to live as their chosen sex for a least a year and also take hormone treatment for a least a year too. During this time they will also be taking part in 12 months of therapy whilst going through the treatment.

Compared to the surgical route the process faced by male to female patients is far less invasive than the one faced by female to male transition.

The first fundamental operations are the augmentation mammoplasty (when the breast is not developed adequately with hormone therapy) and the vaginoplasty. The first is a fairly simple operation and considered fairly routine.

The second is more complex that only a highly specialized surgeon can perform. Mainly it is to create the cavity of neovagina and rebuild the labia with the skin of the penis and scrotum.

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The neovagina can have sensitivity because the clitoris is constructed with the glans. This is one of the common questions that people ask “will I still have feelings, will I still be able to experience sexual pleasure?

The answer is important, but most of the time patients are willing to lose the feel of sexual pleasure just to be able to recognize themselves in the body they feel they should have been born into.

In most cases, people have sensitivity but may still fail to have a satisfactory sexual life. The surgical procedure is performed with incredible intricacy so that every effort is made to maintain feeling and allow patients to be able to still reach orgasm naturally and have a fulfilling sex life after surgery.

During this time they will also be taking part in 12 months of therapy whilst going through the treatment.

Transgender patients have the ultimate identity crisis

The important thing you should know and understand about transgender patients is that these patients have the ultimate identity crisis because they feel like they are trapped in the wrong body being born with the wrong sex organs.

No one knows for sure how many patients undergo  gender reassignment surgery, whether male to female or female to male but there is no questions that hundreds are being done every year.

When a sex change is done well, it’s that realistic it will fool most people and they would not know that the patient has gone through a sex change operation.

Even after the operation most patients can still reach orgasm due to the intricate surgery that will maintain the sensation.

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Once a person has decided to go ahead with the transgender surgery and finally become the person they feel they always have been, they live a much happier and fulfilling life. Patients truly feel they are finally in the correct body and they can now live a much more fulfilling life.